Wednesday, 29 June 2011


    An interesting verse induced inside me, which is......-
    'When someone is just dead, its body starts to cease or its nerves, muscles, cells starts loosing activity, motion and stops functioning  in the end. Well, after reading this, u must b very angry and would think that 'who doesn’t know this stupidity?!!!!'.
    But Think in this fashion-
    "v stop forever after dying, v remain unmoved in comma, v hardly move after accidents or serious injuries or sickness, v doesn’t want to move in tiredness, v move slowly in fear n sorrow, v move disheartened when v r low in confidence".
    This interesting fact after applying in reverse looks like……:-
    "v move when v r living naturally, v move positively in confidence, v move quickly when v r fit, v run when v r full of energy, v fly when v r more than natural (supernatural), v r lightening fast when v r light (chosen by GOD into His Family)".
    In a nutshell, a person is said to b living more lively, if he/she is moving more and more.
    If u r not moving, u r low in confidence, u r a coward, tired, sick, injured, u r in comma, means, if u can but not moving then u r DEAD (being alive).
    Move to live, move quickly to live more lively, move fast to live more and more lively, move lightening fast to make your life more than a life (a BOON).
    Moving here doesn’t mean mere wandering, it means action. But fundamental thing is to move first.
    Don’t care about others reaction and comments and don’t feel any kind of shame or inferiority, focus on your quick motion and act freely, live with full energy, live as u want to live, life is limited and single.
    SO, JUST MOVE ON..........................