Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The secret of the most important thing unveiled

Mahatma Gandhi said, "live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever."
                         I didn't understand the second part until today. I was listening to a Les Brown seminar on YouTube today in which  he said something about sense of urgency in living and he said don't live as if you have thousand years to live. At that very point something struck my mind and the meaning of the second part of Gandhi quote looked clearer than ever.
                                                                  For the last few years I have been spending more of my lone time or all of my lone time in finding the most important thing to do in life. And most precisely what is that thing that someone has to really do in a life leaving the rest of the unimportant things aside. And what is that thing by doing which can someone become the greatest and unforgotten living being in all eternity spreading entire universe. The thing by doing which someone will be remembered until the time lasts i.e. forever.
                                     So now let me quote,
                  "Your being remembered in the time is directly proportional to the usage of your life work."
                             Mahatma Gandhi is remembered today because his life work i.e. significance of humanity's two important tools viz truth and non voilence are still getting used for the betterment. Similarly the other greater living being like Jesus Christ is remembered because his lifelong work of discovering the path which should be followed in order to live life in a way it should be lived is known as a religion. And he is remembered multiple times each day by majority on earth. And he was the closest to do the most important thing in a lifetime.  
                                Which means if you want to remain unforgotten until the existence then you have to find that thing to do in your lifetime which will benefit everyone forever.
                             In other words the secret to become the greatest is doing the most important thing that will effect everyone's lives until the end of the time.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


I want to understand the existence. I want to be able to do and live everything possible or impossible know or unknown. Everything viz creating living beings, creating universe. Humans call it 100% access to cerebral capacity. Some people call it being GOD. To be able to do that I have to always be in a state of complete energy. Always finish the task as it comes. Do every second. I have to stop being normal. Like other people are. I have to always think above and far ahead. always think other than normal. And in complete active state of physical existence. Hit the top of brain every time every second. Absolutely ready for everything every moment. Things like obstacles, breaks, pauses, sleep, rest, deficiency, discontinuity are illusions and have no place in the existence. Existence or life as we call it means living, being alive, awake, aware of everything all the time everytime. That means no breaks, pauses or discontinuation. Being practical is being limited and that means to be unaware of something or unlive something. That means telling you there is something you cant do. Hence being practical is illusion and doesnt exist. Everything is possible. It means whatever a being is able to think of is possible. It means whatever a being is not able to think of is possible. And its not just a phrase or quote. Its the approach to be able to live or do everything possible or impossible known or unknown.